"HESS has worked with IA for 6 years and we continue to be impressed with their attention to detail, responsiveness, and customer focus."

- Chuck Hess, CEO

Gaithersburg High School
Contractor: HESS Construction
Gaithersburg, MD


"We have been a client of IA for 20+ years. The reason is quite simple: IA is a firm that represents our company in a professional manner to all carriers and we can rely on them to tell our story."

- Rich Harrington, CFO

5601 Fishers Lane
Contractor: Bowers


"We have found the knowledge possessed by IA of the surety industry and the Greater Washington DC construction marketplace to be unparalleled, even when compared to the national brokerage firms."

- Mike Burlas, CFO

Contractor: Miller and Long


"We have relied on IA to provide us with an insurance program that we value as an intricate part of our business model.  They have delivered for us."

- Michael B. Goheen, CFO

360 H Street
Washington, DC
Owner: Steuart Investment Company


"When I first started with my company they were already working with IA. Now over 5 years later and several benefit changes later the people at IA continue to provide me with the service I have come to appreciate."

- Denise Roberts, Director of Human Resources

Government Contractor: AOC Solutions

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Insurance Associates

Insurance Associates is a full service agency. We provide clients with a complete array of services including surety bonding, commercial insurance, risk management, employee benefits, life and personal insurance coverage. Our Employee Benefits Division is proud to announce our latest partnership with United Benefit Advisors (UBA). This partnership will allow our clients to experience the comfort of working with a local advisor and the confidence that comes with the backing of a national organization. Being a partner in the UBA network enables us to share wisdom and harness the collaborative power of thousands of benefit experts throughout the nation and use this information to help our clients.

IA Blog

Landscape of Small Group Plans is Changing – What are Your Options?

Landscape of Small Group Plans is Changing – What are Your Options?As we progress further into 2016, we have observed significant changes to medical products offered by the carriers who insure small groups.  Complicating matters is the fact that, not only are products changing, but the previous products are no longer available.  This has put small businesses in a bind and has left them to juggle conflicting goals of keeping costs in line with their budget while still providing employees with what will be perceived as a strong benefits package. With the advancement of the Affordable Care Read More...

Cyber Liability For Contractors - Credit card information isn’t the only data at risk

Cyber Liability For Contractors - Credit card information isn’t the only data at riskMany contractors believe that they have little exposure to cyber-crime if they don’t take credit cards or store credit card data. Unfortunately, hackers have many ways to profit from your information once they’ve gained access to your computer system. Why contractors need to be concerned It’s not just large financial institutions or retailers that get hacked. In fact, Verizon’s "Data Breach Investigation Report" states that 85% of targets are small businesses. There are a number of reasons hackers may want to gain access to your systems, including: Access Read More...

IA Wellness Initiative

IA Wellness Initiative The idea that physical activity is important to health is not new. Ancient physicians and scholars believed it and Hippocrates wrote about it.  Regular physical activity comes with a wide range of benefits: weight loss, stronger muscles, healthy bones, and increased mood.  There is also a reduced risk of many diseases such as coronary heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and colon and breast cancer [1].  But did you know that physical activity can also improve your productivity?  Regular physical activity has been shown to make Read More...

Insurance Associates is excited to partner with United Benefit Advisors

Insurance Associates is excited to partner with United Benefit Advisors We are proud to be joining United Benefit Advisors (UBA) and the nearly 140 benefit consulting firms throughout the United States. Insurance Associates, Inc. is uniquely prepared to share our wisdom with employers who want the assurance that they are making informed choices that improve the lives of their employees and families. Our UBA affiliation also supplies us with a number of proprietary solutions that include the nation's largest health plan benchmarking survey, compliance and HR-focused solutions to employers. This gives our firm knowledge of Read More...

What Your Company Needs From its Human Resources Leader

What Your Company Needs From its Human Resources LeaderDepending on the size of your organization and the expertise on your team, you may have a variety of responsibilities that fall on your plate each day. Several years ago, the primary role of the HR leader was to act as a “personnel” manager by making sure employees were familiar with company policies and making sure those policies were being followed. Of course we all know that the role of the HR leader has broadened over the years to include responsibilities such as payroll processing, benefit Read More...

Max OSHA Penalties to Increase 78% in 2016!

Max OSHA Penalties to Increase 78% in 2016!By Bill Evans, AIC Director of Claims at Insurance Associates In case you have run out of Tool Box Talks or ways to stress the financial impact of safety to your employees, Uncle Sam has given you a big new incentive starting in 2016. The Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990 required federal agencies to raise their civil fines to keep pace with inflation.  However, for the past 25 years, OSHA was one of a very few agencies who were exempt from this requirement… until now. Section Read More...

Understanding Your Mod

Understanding Your ModAs a business owner or financial manager, it is important to identify and understand every cost associated with doing business. Worker’s Compensation insurance cost can be several thousand dollars per employee.  Through a better understanding of the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) experience modification formula and the data that goes into the mod, you can better control your mod, reduce cost, and gain insight into your company’s operations. The first step to achieving a lower mod is to understand how it is calculated and what Read More...

Contractual Risk Transfer

Contractual Risk Transfer  Contractual Risk Transfer — Friend or Foe?  The legal answer:  It depends.  It is usually the friend of the stronger party in a contract, who is frequently in a position to dictate terms that are often heavy handed—as far as the law will allow, and sometimes more than that. But sometimes the onerous terms in a contract can be struck or mitigated.  My personal success rate in getting undesirable terms removed or softened is about 50%. But you have to ask, and it sometimes depends on Read More...

Insurance Producers: Choose the Right Employer

Insurance Producers: Choose the Right EmployerProducers who are committed to a career in insurance sales should be very careful about where they build their book of business.  Non-compete/ non-solicitation agreements make it very difficult for you to leave and join a new company.  If you leave, you have to start over because you cannot take the customers you worked so hard to win for, typically, two years.  In addition,  after two years, most Producers find it very hard to move the accounts because the old relationships may have dwindled and the former customer Read More...

Are you vulnerable to Social Engineering Fraud?

Are you vulnerable to Social Engineering Fraud?I don’t know, right?  What is it? Social Engineering Fraud occurs when an employee is intentionally misled into sending money or diverting a payment when deceptively induced to do so.  It is a fraud scheme by someone posing as a trusted vendor, employee, new client or supplier. According to the Symantec 2014 Security Threat Report, targeted attacks on business have risen 91% over the last year!  The Front Line Report by Hillard Heintze reports that there are over 100,000 social engineering attacks launched each day. Loss prevention is Read More...

Do I Need Insurance for a Child Going Away to College?

Do I Need Insurance for a Child Going Away to College?Our Personal Insurance expert, Kristy, has been getting calls all month on insurance coverage questions from concerned parents who are sending their kids off to college in the next week or so. Their questions pertain mainly to the amount of coverage available under their policy for their children that are going to be living in a dorm. The answer is this: Most personal possessions are covered under the parents' homeowners or renters’ insurance policies; however, some home insurance policies may limit the amount of insurance Read More...

Are you prepared for a DOL audit?

Are you prepared for a DOL audit?The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has broad authority to investigate or audit an employee benefit plan’s compliance with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).  Audits are performed by the DOL’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA).  To perform these audits, EBSA employs over 400 investigators. Unlike the IRS, the DOL doesn’t conduct random audits, so when an employer receives a notice from EBSA that its plan has been selected for audit, the DOL is looking for something specific. It may be acting on complaints from plan Read More...

Value Proposition

Value PropositionI am currently enrolled in a six month program called “Reach Your Peak”, structured to help develop your overall ability to promote yourself and your product. The first step in the program is to develop a value proposition.  A value proposition summarizes the reasons why a potential customer should buy your product.  In developing a value proposition, I have found that the proposition needs to address the benefits to the client of how we create value and how we differentiate ourselves from others which is Read More...

The Appeal of Voluntary Employee Benefits

The Appeal of Voluntary Employee BenefitsBy:  Carolyn Robbins, HIA According to a recent study by the world's leading insurance and financial services trade association, LIMRA, “7 in 10 employers offer voluntary benefits to improve morale for their existing employees and to attract and retain new talent”.  The study included 1,321 employee benefit decision makers for firms with 10 or more employees. Employers are being faced with escalating premiums on their traditional health insurance plans.   In many cases, employers have had to reduce those benefits. Now they must look for other ways to Read More...

“Off-the-shelf” insurance is not appropriate for Complex Situations

“Off-the-shelf” insurance is not appropriate for Complex SituationsA new client was introduced to us by a friendly competitor who needed help with a Builders Risk placement. He knew we were experts in construction and trusted us to do the right thing. When presented with the facts, we knew the placement would be out of the ordinary and a challenge. The client was a well-recognized non-for-profit institution dedicated to research and education on issues of government, politics, economics and social welfare. The project was the renovation of a historic building located near DuPont Circle Read More...


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